How do I sign up for Formal Recruitment?

Registration is run by the Western Carolina University Panhellenic Council. Registration for Formal Recruitment 2019 is not yet open. For more information on Western Carolina Panhellenic, please visit https://wcucpc.weebly.com

How does Formal Recruitment work?

Formal Recruitment is spread over three rounds and bid day.

During the open house, you will attend three parties – one at each sorority's house. Every potential new member (PNM) receives a schedule for when they will go to each house, and they must attend all three events.

For philanthropy night, each PNM will receive a schedule to attend those houses to which she receives an invitation – and again, she must attend all of them.

The third night is Preference Night, to which you will receive an invitation if we think you would be a great Alpha Chi! You can get preference invitations to up to two houses. That evening, you will rank each sorority based on your preferences.

The fourth event, Bid Day, is a celebration for you and your fellow new members!

I've heard of Informal Recruitment. How is that different from Formal Recruitment?

Fall recruitment is not common, therefore it is called Informal Recruitment. During fall recruitment, all five chapters may recruit, or they may not. The decision to do Informal Recruitment is made once classes have started in August and we receive the total number of chapter members.

Does Alpha Chi Omega haze their new members?

No, we do not haze anybody! We want to love and support each and every new member in her journey to becoming an official Alpha Chi Omega sister.

Who can I contact for more information?

Feel free to contact our VP Recruitment, Katie Leonard (kmleonard2@catamount.wcu.edu) . She will be more than happy to clarify any questions or concerns!